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Over 30 years Dedicated to Our Clients

We have completed the construction of our new 50,000 square foot building directly next door to our current facility. The new state of the art building increases our operating facility to a total of 120,000 square feet.

With an additional 8 filling lines and expanded warehouse space, this expansion has dramatically increased our production capabilities.

With the world constantly evolving, the demand for fast, quality and low-cost packaging solutions is ever growing and we are ready to meet the market’s demands.



Product Development Steps

Step 01
Step 01

Marketing Brief

Creating the marketing brief is key when developing new products as it is the starting point of every project. The more detailed it is, the easiest it will be to use it. Including in our marketing brief is the product and packaging requirements such as the product category, desired function, color, odor, texture, size, etc.

Once this “Brief” is approved, it is shared with other departments to then start the product development. Our Research and Development team will use this information to create the formula and product prototype. Our Packaging Team will select the product pack based on requirements indicated in the brief. The first stage is decisive, as it will determine the whole process and product success.

Step 02
Step 02

Product Formulation

Based on the requirements of the marketing brief, our Chemists and Research & Development team can now work on the actual cosmetic or supplement product formulation. All specifications are analyzed and several prototype samples will then be developed for approval.

Step 03
Step 03

Raw materials and packaging sourcing

Once the formula has been defined, the teams need to select raw materials. The list of requirements listed in the Brief such as ingredients to be used and avoided (such as any chemicals, allergens),the function of the product(s), size, color, scent, etc., will be specified with our ingredient suppliers to be compared. Quality, costs, minimum ingredient order and functionality are then analyzed for a final validation. Then, as soon as raw materials are approved, received and tested, we can then proceed to the next step.

Step 04
Step 04

Packaging Artwork Design

After selecting the kind of packaging desired, it’s time to work on the artwork design. The Dalex Design team can work together with your concept to design the product (s) outer packaging. Packaging is the first thing that consumers will see and read about the product. Therefore we will work with you and your team on the text, colors and graphics, chosen meticulously according to the outer packaging and marketing brief requirements.

Step 05
Step 05

Quality and Compliance

In order to be launched, product has to be safe to use and comply with regulations where it will be commercialized. Several quality testing must be taken such as microbiological, toxicology, stability tests in order to proof product safety.

In addition, for International exportation, all product components – including raw materials and packaging, must be checked and compliant with the country of commercialization. Compliance teams must gather all the documents and information about the product that are required by countries legislation such as the Product Information File, Safety Data Sheet, Cosmetic Notification Form, etc.

Step 06
Step 06

Product Final Validation

When each step of the new product development have been checked, it is time for the final product to be reviewed to ensure its conformity with the initial marketing brief. Once approved the production can be scheduled.


Awards & Major Achievements

Best Staffing Talent

Year: 2009-2010
Award by: Los Vegas Business Time

Best Companies Texas

Year: 20011-2012
Award by: Firm Authority of Texas

Fast Growing Firms

Year: 2014-2015
Award by: Business Time USA

Best Client Satisfaction

Year: 20016-2017
Award by: Rights of Consumer

Take Care of Employee’s

Year: 2019-2020
Award by: Union of Employee’s

Best Support Services

Year: 2020-2021
Award by: Business Group of USA